...and, of course, moccasins.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Don't Even Know. I Just Don't Know. But Here I Go!

I have been ridiculously emotional over the past couple weeks.

I'm not pregnant, and I'm not sick, and I'm not on weird medication. I'm just so snappin' emotional for no apparent reason.

For example: I was driving home a couple days ago when I ran into a butterfly and thus ended its life. I literally despaired the rest of the drive home and still haven't forgiven myself. Don't you think that's a little overemotional?

Yeah. Me, too. :P

Yeah, umm...I don't really know what else to say? I just felt like checking in with y'all and letting you know that I'm still alive...uhh...that's pretty much it. :D

I think I'll go find some chocolate and cry over a sappy romance now...

Lady Rachel

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is Modest REALLY Hottest?

One thing that's been annoying me lately is the phrase "Modest Is Hottest."

Before you shun me and think that I am a promoter of the "show-as-much-skin-as-possible-without-actually-being-naked" mindset, let me explain myself.

See, I think almost every girl has a desire to be "hot." You know what I mean - attractive. Desirable. Maybe even tempting, if we're totally honest with ourselves. But the more I mature (ha, definitely not saying I'm totally mature, though), the more I realize that I would rather be "beautiful" than "hot."

There is a HUGE difference between "hot" and "beautiful."

"Hot" is more like "alluring" or (bah, I hate this one!) "sexy." But the word "beautiful" means so much more. Real beauty is something that shines from the inside out. Beauty has way more to do with grace, poise, and attitude than it does with "hotness." If your attitude is truly lovely, then that attitude often even makes you seem prettier on the outside. That's what beauty is - something that goes from the inside out.

So, let's go back to the question. Is modest REALLY hottest? I don't think so. It's much "sexier" to wear a low-cut camisole than it is to wear a modest one.

But I don't think that "hot" was ever the impression I was trying to give people, anyways.

Sorry for the random rant; it's just been on my mind lately.

Lady Rachel

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Okay, Seriously.

Wow. Was the last time I wrote seriously August 30th of last year? That's bad. Not good at all. Kind of ridiculous, really.

Over this period of time, I have realized something: I hate it when people have nothing good to say. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to be cheerful all the time when you're with me, but if you're constantly an analyzer or a pessimist with absolutely nothing good to say, then I'm gonna explode. Or implode. Or spontaneously combust. Or WHATEVER it is that humans do.

For example: I've been giving speeches, and there is invariably someone whose evaluations of my speech are practically only things I did wrong. Judging by the handwriting, I'm pretty sure it's a guy, too. Typical male for you. No wonder I'm never getting married.

Would you like to hear my plans for hermitage? I'm sure you would.

I shall live in Antarctica and write by candlelight every evening. I will keep company with the penguins and howl at the moon, though I'm sure there won't be any wolves to appreciate my gesture. I will dance to music that only I can hear, and I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS hate the male species!

And then there's the issue of the guy I used to like. There's this guy who played me like a fool. So I wrote an angry song about him, and voila! my crush is nearly melted away.

All in all, men are sanctimonious jerks.

They all ought to be killed.

Lady Rachel

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here are two blogs that I REALLY think you should check out.

http://ourownkindofbeautiful.tumblr.com - a blog for a recovering anorexic's journey. Lots of truths that can be applied to almost anyone.

http://virginiaeleanor.blogspot.com/ - a blog of a budding artist whose masterpieces are impressive, fascinating, and lifelike.

Okay, go look! Now! Shoo-shoo! You shouldn't be seeing this

screen anymore because you're looking at those two blogs!!!

Lady Rachel

Thursday, May 19, 2011


As many of you know, I am a photographer. A few weeks ago, I was asked to take pictures of the dress rehearsal of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Gondoliers." I was pretty pumped. I mean, it's not every day you take pictures of a dress rehearsal!
However, several things went awry:
1. There was no internet connection for my iPod touch.
2. I realized my shirt had a gigantic toothpaste stain on it.
3. My beanie kept falling off..
4. I wasn't able to use flash, since it might have distracted the young thespians, so all the pictures looked like they were taken in a blur of orange juice.
5. One of my dearest friends' nose started bleeding and wouldn't stop.
Yet even though all those awful things occurred, we stuck it out to the end and had a rather enjoyable time - at least, I had an enjoyable time. I don't know about my dear friend!
Amidst the generously powdered faces, glinting royal robes, mile-high wigs, and lovely voices, I learned how much fun taking pictures of a dress rehearsal is.
Very, very fun.
Lady Rachel

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Whoaa! It's been forever! The busier I get, the more I forget to blog. Has it really been since November 25th that I haven't blogged??? Wow!!! And to think I used to blog twice a week or so!
If you've visited my Facebook profile at all, you'll know that recently, my friends Leah Lehman, Maria Steidinger, and Keelin Isch and my sister Erica Witzig have been talking alot about rum. You see, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean (sp?) together, and ever since, we've been laughing about rum. I kid you not - we were driving to church the next Sunday in Maria's car, Bella, and we wrote on the windows (you know how you can write on the windows with your finger when there's enough condensation) "rum = ☺"! That was on Keelin's window. On my window was, "Yaay rum! - Cack." You see, I meant to write "Jack," but I forgot that in order to be read from the outside, you have to make your letters go backwards. I made the other letters go backwards, but I didn't with the "J" in "Jack." Thus, it looked like I wrote "Cack." We all had a pretty good laugh about it. When we returned to the car after church, lo! the writing was off the cars. One of two things happened: 1. the condensation simply went away, or 2. somebody was offended by our writing all that stuff about rum and wiped it off the window. Hmm. Haha!
Let's see. I made a new website for my photography business - it's frozenmemoriesphotography.wordpress.com ...at least, I think it is. Wow. I don't even know my own business' website! But I think that's what it is...haha(:
Well, I do believe I need to go.
See ya folks later!
Lady Rachel

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let's See If I Remember How to Blog!

Mmmk. How long has it been since I last posted something? Way too long!

Problem is, do I really have anything worth saying? I could write about Christmas gift wrapping, or a gift I made for my sister, or the way I've been poufing my hair as of late, or even my injured toe. But who really wants to hear about that stuff?!?!?!

Nay, instead, I shall recommend two especially meaningful verses to you! Jude 24&25 are absolutely incredible (as are all the rest of the verses in the Bible). Jude only has one chapter, so 24&25 are verses, not whole chapters. I absolutely love all parts of both verses, but one part is so encouraging: the part about Jesus presenting us FAULTLESS before God!!! Also, the first part about God keeping us from stumbling...it's so awe-inspiring! I mean, we have so much power through the Holy Spirit that we don't even use. He is able to keep us from stumbling!

More and more (here is something completely off-topic), I've been realizing that God places trials in our lives so that we can grow closer to Him, or to get our attention back on Him. If I elaborate, I'll start rambling, so I'm not going to do that.

Friends, I know God is near each and every one of you today. Don't forget that we (I am speaking to myself, too) don't have to be strong on our own - God will do that for us, if we let Him.

Cordially and with love,

Lady Rachel